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Ilosta’s innovative portal offers a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for visualising and analysing your data from anywhere in the world. With its cloud-based system, clients can easily collaborate with other stakeholders and share models. Ilosta’s technology is capable of converting terabytes of data into one single, streamlined 3D model of less than a gigabyte, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.


Ilosta produces detailed and comprehensive reports that are automatically generated in PDF format and are easily exportable in multiple formats for easy sharing with third parties. Our report-generation feature is an essential tool that provides valuable insights, helps streamline the decision-making process and enhances the efficiency of your workflow.


Ilosta’s cloud-based platform allows users to easily upload videos or images of their assets. Uploading your content to the platform is a seamless process that ensures your data is secure and protected.

Quality Check

To ensure the accuracy and quality of data, a comprehensive validation process is in place. For images, we require a minimum size of 1920x1080px, but recommend 4096x3072px or larger.

3D Modelling

Experience the convenience of exploring and analysing asset data in one 3D model with Ilosta’s advanced software. Even with minimal data, Ilosta can provide a detailed 3D model for your projects.

Detection & Classification

Ilosta’s cutting-edge technology utilises its advanced AI algorithms to accurately detect leading-edge erosion, cracks and other defects on critical engineering structures. 

Damage Mapping

Ilosta’s software will provide you with the exact location of damages on a reconstructed 3D model, empowering you to make better-informed decisions about your assets.

Damage Evaluation

Understand the condition of your assets and their efficiency with Ilosta’s advanced physics-based algorithm, which helps uncover the full extent of damage beneath the surface.

Report Generation

Ilosta generates advanced reports for both Asset Analysis and Repair and Maintenance, that offer clients valuable insights into their assets. These reports include details information on damage location and classification, and utilise Ilosta’s advanced damage glossary scale to provide customised recommendations beyond what is currently available on the market.

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