Protect Your Assets with Ilosta’s Digital AI Monitoring Software, Crack Map.

Improving Data Analytics to Make Green Energy Even Greener.

Ilosta has developed a ground-breaking technology using a physics-based AI algorithm to improve the reliability and increase the lifespan of engineering structures. Ilosta provides analytics to inspectors, surveyors, asset owners and insurance providers to give them a deeper understanding of their asset integrity.

The Problem:

As inspection technology has evolved from manual rope access to automated drone processes, it’s become clear that data analysis needs to catch up. While drones can capture multiple images, it’s often impossible to determine the extent of damage from visual images alone. Ilosta offers solutions to bridge this gap, providing advanced data analysis tools to help you accurately assess and address potential issues.

Ilosta's Solution:

Ilosta’s physics-based AI model accurately predicts defects, providing a more cost-effective and efficient solution than current methods. With a time reduction of three months to just three days, Ilosta is the smart choice for improving your bottom line. With our help, you can ensure that your inspections are thorough, efficient, and effective.

Ilosta’s Innovative Technology Is:

Ilosta's Software

3D Modelling 

Clients can save time and effort on their projects by exploring and analysing asset data in one single 3D model rather than through numerous images and videos.

Detection and Classification

Ilosta accurately detects leading-edge erosion, cracks and other defects on critical engineering structures with its advanced AI algorithms. 

Damage Mapping 

View and analyse reconstructed models as textured mesh or wireframe. 


Damage Evaluation

Using Ilosta’s physics-based algorithm, predict the extent of the damage below the surface.

        Key Features:

  • Cost-effective cloud-based software
  • Removes the need for secondary inspection
  • Improves your operational efficiency
  • Up to 30 times faster than traditional analysis methods
  • Stores all of your data in one secured place
  • Accurately predicts damage using our physics-based AI model
  • Provides advanced sensor fusion capabilities
  • Creates 3D models compatible with other software packages
  • Identifies and classifies damage to your assets

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