Blade Analysis

Ilosta offers a comprehensive blade analysis service that provides a clear insight into the condition of wind turbine blades. Their in-house developed equations and standards are used to evaluate damages based on their source, while Ilosta’s in-house physics-based model predicts the volumetric profile for each individual crack. 

Ilosta also conducts leading-edge erosion analysis using various parameters, such as historical weather conditions and estimates the internal blade structure using measured properties. By combining historical data with aeroelastic modelling, Ilosta can estimate load histories and calculate the local stresses and deformations at the damage region. 

With these capabilities, Ilosta can identify critical structural damages and provide a clear status of the blade condition based on gathered data.

Tower Analysis

Ilosta’s tower analysis service is designed to provide accurate and efficient assessments of the structural health of wind turbine towers. Our advanced technology allows us to inspect the tower, automatically reconstruct missing geometry, and detect and label any instances of damage. 

Using our in-house physics-based method, we can estimate the depth profile of cracks, fissures, and linear indications in the tower. We then transform the reconstructed model into a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model, where we introduce crack profiles in the right locations and run simulations to determine the tower’s structural integrity. Our objective classification and qualification of the tower’s structural health provide clients with a ready-to-use input file of the asset, complete with its damages, for running their own simulations in their preferred software.

Trust Ilosta’s analysis service for advanced, reliable wind turbine tower assessments.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Ilosta’s CFD analysis service is designed to explore the structural integrity of damaged blades. By simulating and modelling the effect of various identified damages, such as leading-edge erosion or cracks, we can accurately assess the remaining life and perform stress analysis. 

Our goal is to help clients optimise their annual energy production by providing detailed insights and solutions. 

Trust Ilosta to provide you with accurate and reliable data to keep your assets running at optimal performance.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Ilosta offers advanced modelling and simulation services, specialising in Finite Element Analysis. This includes a range of analyses such as Stress and Structural, Thermal, Fracture, and Linear/Non-Linear Analysis. The company’s use of programming languages such as Python, MatLab, R, and C++ further enhances its capabilities in performing automated FEA models and post-processing data using scripts to address complex industrial engineering challenges and offer parametric design optimisation.

Ilosta applies these methods across a range of sectors, making them a valuable partner for engineers looking to improve performance throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to decommissioning.

ORE Catapult supported Ilosta on the latest development of Crack Map through our Launch Academy programme and Innovate UK projects, and we were impressed by the ambition of the team as they work towards using scientific analysis to better understand damage characterisations and progression on offshore wind farm assets. If successful, the software could increase the lifespan of assets through simple, non-contact detection and data-driven remedial action at an earlier stage. This could prove to be invaluable for the offshore renewable energy industry.

- Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

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